A bit more details on the rollout

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The latter half of the issue takes us to the icy chill of the Dreadlands diablo 3 gold and Jacob's hometown of Staalbreak. On a more lighthearted note, being from the Great White North myself and having spent a day in the cold, I had a good chuckle at seeing Shanar trudging through the snow with bare thighs and shoulders. It's amazing what good looks and wizardry will do for you. However Jacob does not fair nearly as well back home. He is arrested and very nearly killed before even making it to the executioner's block. During what can hardly be called a trial, Jacob points out to the leaders of the ruling houses that all of them bear this strange sickness of blood. They all explain away the scars they bear on their skin, claiming them to be an innocuous result of random happenings. Just when all seems lost an apparition of Jacob's father, who was slain by his son's own hand in the opening pages of issue #2, appears before the captive Jacob. I'm still not exactly clear how, but somehow the Sword of Justice ends up back in Jacob's hands again. It seems that this sickness caused by the Unseen Corruptor can affect diablo3 power leveling even ghosts, as Jacob's father then transforms into a hideous version of himself and seems poised to, as he puts hit

I would of course be remiss if I did not mention some of the more pragmatic information regarding this latest issue. While the story and art is once again penned by Aaron Williams and Joseph Lacroix (respectively), this time we have colors by Lee Loughridge. In my humble opinion, I liked the coloring in this latest issue even# more than the first two. It is albeit very similar, but I thought that the rather symbolic usage of different colors really helped establish the overall mood of the story. This is particularly true of the blood-red color used for everything related to the Unseen Corruptor and the strange sickness it has inflicted upon Jacob's people.

So to sum it up, two more issues to go, strange sickness of blood infecting everyone, super evil being called the Unseen Corruptor, and Jacob once again escaping certain doom. Exactly how he's going to go about saving his people, I really do not know, but I think you will agree with me when I say that I cannot wait to find out. If you have any further questions or if you just want to talk Diablo lore, feel free to send me a PM or post a comment below. Until next time my friends, thanks for stopping by the D3DB Lore Corner.