Albion Online & Legendary Founder: You Can Explore The Improvements

diablo3goldsell Date: Dec/28/16 01:18:19 Views: 1223

The final beta of the sandbox MMORPG Albion Online was started by the German Developer Sandbox Interactive, which is new beginning for 160,000 legendary founder who already play the game as well as now have the opportunity to access a new world, what's more, you can also explore the improvements as well as new features offered by the final beta version.



They will have access to the final beta players in possession of the Legendary Status while in possession of the Epic founder and Veteran status can join them, respectively, on 2 and 3 August. Users who do not want to wait can update their Founders' Pack inside the Albion Online Store.


Always with the goal of improving the adventurous experience of the players in Albion Online, Sandbox Interactive has restructured, for example, the Destiny Board of the game and renewed the combat system Guild vs Guild, adding new features to the general gameplay Guild. But this is just one of the areas where new features have been added. 


The two new worlds of Royal Islands and Outlands contain new biomes, by the unique look and with a totally different setup. To remain competitive in these new environments, players can now get their hands on the new Artifact Items newly added (weapons, armor, and hands-off), also it has been implemented the new Reputation system and Crime that keeps track of who will act with honor and who will fight dirty.


When it comes to all this is much more than a statistic: included the reputation of a gamer, as a matter of fact, it has deeply and significant impact on the way the game world reacts to it. Due to its the wealth of new features, thanks to the final beta, it will be provided with players all new as well as vast areas to explore, even included so many new possibilities, hence, in line with their actions, we can shape the world of Albion online.