Albion Online & Royal Islands And GvG Details

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Some Albion Players are curious about this question: Can control the danger zones right in Albion Online? Without any doubt, according to a players, he said: he spent incredible amount of money to boost myself as well as my guild to certain point where I can literally kill everyone who enters that danger zones so as to get the best materials. In order to fufill clients desires, UPAlbion will offer cheap albion online silver to players from all over the world, welcome to visit here:



Royal Islands


The Royal Islands and the reputation system are a good idea that find a real success with a good part of the players. Surely also facing the disappointment of the Continent in the black zone and its low real interest. GvGs are extremely expensive and offer no advantage to guilds who prefer to lock themselves in a city or on a city map with only a farm. Similarly, the territories to be conquered in the yellow zone that were popular during the old beta have disappeared. Unsurprisingly, gamers can buy cheap albion online gold over and over again on UPAlbion


Less GvG and Still No New Formats


Faced with this immensity, the developers have nevertheless divided the number of territories to be conquered in GvG. At the time a map like Carrion Copse could be divided up to 4 cities of players + 4 territories of resources. Today the maps are 2 to 4 times larger and remain limited to a city of players + a territory of maximum resources. This large gap makes all the more desert areas. Similarly, the territories of cities have increased in size. 


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