Albion Online Wipe: Final Beta Live Right Now

diablo3goldsell Date: Jan/12/17 02:19:31 Views: 1159

Albion Online wipe before final release, all gamers want to know its release date, some players have been complained about Albion Online was delayed several times. Nonetheless, it's pleased players that Allbion Online will be launched in March 2017 with more features as well as improvement. Needless to day, we are pleased and proud to buy cheap albion online silver.



For Albion Online players, they will play the roaming Player killing role,  we will get as many fights we can to continuously improve,  and we will create the best smallscale teams on the server so we can both be the aggressive pk guild in open world, and be a top contender in the conquest based pvp.


We played a lot in the first beta, and got successful in the conquest part,  and were smart enough (for once) to quit before burning out.  This Is great because we are motivated,  but the downside is that we are behind the learning curve to our competition right now because they have been playing when we took a break.


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