Divide and be Conquered

diablo3goldsell Date: Nov/01/13 14:39:41 Views: 821

In my experience recently, if you're in diablo3 gold a party of two or three, by the end of normal difficulty, if one person strays from the group and a pack of champions comes along, it's fatal.

I'm guessing that it's a little less risky in a group of four, but even then, probably only for a few more levels.

I'm talking about first characters, of course. Characters that are being fed geardiablo3 power leveling and gold by higher-level characters can probably get by without everyone sticking together for a bit farther into the game.

My current motto for group play in Diablo III is "divide and be conquered".

He means that if 1 person leaves group of 3, the 2 people left grouped together will still die if they encounter hard mobs. The single person doesn't stand a chance.If there's a group of 4 and 1 person leaves, the group of 3 still has a chance to survive.