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  • [News] Final Fantasy XIV Is Preparing For The Upcoming Update 4.25 [03/09/2018]
    Final Fantasy XIV continues to offer many significant updates, like the last update Rise of a New Sun arrived last month. After a big event around Valentine's Day, Square Enix's game is preparing for the upcoming release of version 4.25, bringing with it a lot of new stuff.
  • [News] Get Legit And Secure Shopping Experience At U4GM [03/09/2018]
    Path of Exile is a F2P-based role-playing action in a dark fantasy setting that focuses on intense combat, rich in commodity economics, and deep customization of the character.
  • [News] Create A Further Part Of Path Of Exile [03/08/2018]
    At 99.9999% it is about creating a further part of the story for the current PoE. Probably as part of another supplement (maybe we'll get new acts), Which will appear in half a year, in a year, a year and a half, who knows.
  • [News] Path Of Exile Might Be The Last Great Bastion For ARPG Players [03/07/2018]
    Path of Exile, the game works very well. The visuals and music are good. The base game never changes much, so if you like the combat and don't mind grinding, you could be playing this game for hundreds, if not a thousand+ hours. In many ways, this is the game Diablo III should've been when it came out. I enjoyed Diablo 3 but I love Path of Exile. Much more engaging. So much fun. And even after the story is over, there is more and more content. All for free! At U4GM, you can buy exalted orbs at ease.
  • [News] Patch 4.25 Of Final Fantasy XIV Is Set For March 13 [03/03/2018]
    Over the weeks, Final Fantasy XIV inflates its contents with more or less important updates. Recently, we were treated to the 4.2 called Rise of a New Sun, and some novelties are still approaching.
  • [News] Path Of Exile: Last Minutes To The Bestiary League [03/03/2018]
    The Path of Exile is not without reason acclaimed as the successor of the popular game Hack and Slash - Diablo II. Difficult, dark and brutal climate gives the perfect reproduction of the world that we know from the aforementioned game.
  • [News] GGG' CEO Chris Wilson Answered Some Questions About POE [02/28/2018]
    Recently, Path of Exile includes 1v1 and 3v3 arenas right from the get-go. Path of Exile builds off these memorable bits of D2s core gameplay in unique-but-nostalgic ways. In Path of Exile, as if player-vs-player combat in action RPGs wasn't intense enough already. According to Grinding Gear Games' CEO Chris Wilson, he answered a few questions to explain how the Xbox One version will differ and how the addition of a console version should benefit PC players. Now, it's the best time to buy chaos orbs.
  • [News] Test Bestiary League In Path Of Exile [02/27/2018]
    Free March update Path of Exile will add dozens of unique things, new gems, high-level battles and other content. It will also bring to the project the testing league Bestiary, with the help of which players will create powerful items.
  • [News] Path Of Exile - Explore The World Of Wraeclast [02/13/2018]
    An action role-playing game that reminisces of Diablo, Path of Exile is a tricky title that many would gladly pay a full price. Fortunately, you do not have to, because Grinding Gear Games provides you with the game for free.
  • [News] Path of Exile Will Improve The Graphics [02/08/2018]
    Grinding Gear Games has published a new video demonstrating the upgrade of graphics in the Path of Exile. According to company representatives, these are experimental changes and they do not have exact plans for putting them into the game.
  • [News] Final Fantasy XIV Provides Content For All Levels Of Player To Enjoy [02/07/2018]
    In Final Fantasy XIV, the game lets you level all jobs on the same character and switch back and forth whenever you want. Most of players thinks of this as a Final Fantasy game rather than a typical MMO. The story is quite enjoyable, and you will be missing a ton if you just skip through quest text. Final Fantasy XIV is one of the new few MMOs where the story is pretty good. It has its high moments and really low moments. Pleasingly, you are excited to obtain more Final Fantasy XIV Gil.
  • [News] Maps Act As Path Of Exile's End-game Content In Path Of Exile [02/03/2018]
    Maps are an important part in Path of Exile, the game's some of expansions brings a lots of content, including many maps. For Maps, you may have some confusion, what are maps? How do I find maps? How do I use maps? To be honest, within a map the chance to find other maps is based on the increased item quantity of the map. At U4GM, you will find more guides and details, click for source.
  • [News] Path Of Exile Offers Up A Title Similar In Style To Diablo III [02/03/2018]
    Path of Exile is a great free to play action RPG and has received a boat-load of new content with War for the Atlas expansion (which is also free). Grinding Gear Games has definitely added enough detail to environments, enemies and items to make them stand out in today's market.
  • [News] Cheap PoE Items For Sale At U4GM [01/30/2018] is the Best PoE Items store online. We supply Cheap PoE Items, PoE Orbs, Chaos buy Orbs, Exalted Orbs. We provide our customers The lower price and discount promotion make you save more money! We already have successful experience to do so for 8 years.
  • [News] We're Talking About The Free To Play Title Path Of Exile [01/30/2018]
    Players have been played Path of Exile for several years since the game's first open beta phase of Path of Exile, now, everyone can play it, to be honest, this adventure is with us. Grinding Games has made a game that will be a model for everyone and the Path of Exile collects everyone's appreciation even today. The highly anticipated Path of Exile since it was first announced was then called the next generation Diablo 2. Even so, Diablo was even more interested than 3.
  • [News] The Path Of Exile's PC Version Has Been Very Highly Regarded [01/25/2018]
    Path of Exile, gives you access to a wide array of abilities through gems that can be mixed and matched in the sockets on your gear, providing a unique and dynamic character build that you can alter whenever the need arises. Thus, by mixing gems of different levels and arranging them in the correct trigger order, you can go a long way toward never having all cheap and safe path of exile items is now being sold at U4GM.
  • [News] U4GM Guarantee Cheap PoE Items Transaction 100% Safe [01/25/2018]
    Purchase PoE items XBOX One and PC now, Cheapest Price Over the Globe, Deliver within 10 Mins after we check all informations are correct, and buy now you can enjoy 3% discount with the coupon code "ppoe".
  • [News] The Gatherer Equipment Of Albion And Four Items [03/25/2017]
    Gathering is probably not be linked to gear and combat, but, there is no doubt that it does require gamers to go into the open world as well as face its inherent dangers, that's why each gathering profession now has its own equipment, at the the same, by obtaining some spells to help them with their profession. In addition, regarding the appearance of their visual, in the coming future, a new update is coming, it does definitely more beautiful as well as distinctive.
  • [News] The Elder Scrolls Online: The Battleground Game Mode [03/10/2017]
    We have mentioned that the Morrowind will come to The Elder Scrolls Online with a new fast-paced PvP game mode, Battlegrounds. According to the official explaint, Battlegrounds are very different from traditional Alliance War combat, so let's talk about more about this brand-new mode.
  • [News] Albion Online & Royal Islands And GvG Details [01/12/2017]
    Some Albion Players are curious about this question: Can control the danger zones right in Albion Online? Without any doubt, according to a players, he said: he spent incredible amount of money to boost myself as well as my guild to certain point where I can literally kill everyone who enters that danger zones so as to get the best materials.
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